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Adapting the technology of the future to the present…

It is our principle to approach relations with our clients with the sensitivity of a long-term partnership.

Beyond understanding the needs, we believe that the development of the best solution in the field of technology can be done by grasping the client’s vision and building with trust.

We are well aware of the value of the solutions that made your organization what it is today; that is why we like to develop flexible solutions that tie together the past and the present. We truly believe that this is necessary for organizational memory.

Onicorn was founded in February 2018 in Istanbul as one of the youngest and most equipped technology companies in Turkey.

With its experienced executive team which has been active in various national and international projects for 20 years and its dynamic personnel, Onicorn continues to grow with the goal and motivation of being one of the future’s stars in technology.


Ensuring that our clients benefit from the transformative power of technology in pursuit of the most appropriate answer to their software needs and developing sustainable solutions by harmonizing our innovative approach and creative ideas with the power of our business network.