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Executive Board Member


Even though Onicorn is one of the youngest technology companies in Turkey, it provides you with creative solutions thanks to its highly motivated team of experts with a history of hundreds of corporate projects.

Available Positions

  • System Specialist
  • Software Specialist
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Adem Külçe

Senior Software Developer

Ali Maytap

Software Team Leader

Aslı Yıldırım

Project Management and Innovation Specialist

Aydın Uğur Yakut

Project Management and Innovation Specialist

Çağatay Oral

Assistant System Specialist

Çağlar Sansarcı

Helpdesk Expert

Deniz Eraslan

Director, IT

Emre Uygun

Helpdesk Expert

Didem Okçu

Executive Assistant

Kaan Atasoy

Assistant System Specialist

Mehmet Kobakoğlu

Software Specialist

Orkun Bekar

Senior Software Developer

Okan Civelek

Project Management and Innovation Specialist

Muhammed Ali Bulut

Software Specialist

Tuğba Yeşinnar Öztürk

Project Management and Innovation Director

Mevlüt Özcan

System and Network Manager

Mustafa Alev

Administrative Affairs Staff

Sezgin Muratoğlu

RPA Product Manager

Osman Akman

Assistant System Specialist

Özgün Yabalak

Digital Transformation Manager

Would You Like To Join Our Team?

Choices matter. We act upon the belief that every candidate applying to Onicorn does so with the motivation of choosing us. That being said, we expect those who wish to join our team to;

  • Love technology from the heart
  • Be enthusiastic about research and learning
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Be self-confident, ambitious and dedicated
  • Have creative and analytic thinking
  • Like teamwork
  • And be open to develop and change themselves and their organization.

While choosing from the applications to Onicorn, we expect the candidates to comply with the basic qualities, skills and competencies required in the job description and we ensure that objective criteria are complied with in the choosing process. Usually, our first interviews start in the form of a detailed phone interview; afterwards, candidates deemed fitting are invited for one-on-one interview. Finally, we do a reference control on the candidates who successfully complete the interviews and tests required by their positions and are perceived positively and we offer them the job. Then, it’s a whole new journey with Onicorn!

If you wish to join our team, you can send your CV to right away.

Available Positions