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Workforce management is around since a long time. Despite its relative long presence, for various reasons companies implementing workforce management in their daily operation didn’t reach the full high level of efficiency a best of breed workforce management practice can enable. As in many other scenarios the used tool and practices are deciding the results.

WorkGenda has been created and engineered to tackle both items, the used tool and the practice. WorkGenda’s scientific fundament ensures maximum efficiency in every major workforce management step, from forecast and capacity management to scheduling and intraday management;

  • • Tackling the outliers and computing the forecast is fully automated: WorkGenda’s AI forecast engine runs continuously, 24 hours a day, with no action from the user side;.

  • • The capacity computation, undoubtedly the most crucial component for a maximum economic efficiency, has been fully automated and optimized: WorkGenda’s capacity management functionality provides the sharpest computation in the market place, for any possible scenario of multi-skilled and media blending environment, which results in significant OPEX reductions;

  • • The scheduling part of the workforce management has been automated as well in WorkGenda: 3000 multi-skilled employees can be scheduled for a whole week in a few minutes. Such a capability is not only extending the span of control for every WFM manager and planner by a minimum factor 6, but it is delivering the much desired capability of producing a full schedule for a long term scenario, say one year, based on the current team, which instantly results in a gap analysis of skills availability and shortage. This gap analysis can be easily converted in a structured long term hiring and training program.

  • • Last but not least WorkGenda is providing all required flexibility and intelligence to swiftly manage every situation, which may occur during the intraday management.

In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, WorkGenda provides additional functionality for enabling contact centers businesses to run a rotational scheme between working-in-office and working-at-home. The new normal requires non-intrusive methods of monitoring employees’ activities, as well as reliable real-time communications facilities between managers and employees. WorkGenda has leading-edge technologies onboard, allowing its users to fulfill all these needs of the new normal.

In top of all these advanced features, WorkGenda is providing the capabilities for coupling the shuttles schedules with the employees’ schedules.

All this functionality and automation capabilities on board combined with the professional skills and expertise Onicorn brings on board, will deliver the seamless transformation and digitalization desired by any contact center. This powerful combination of outstanding professional services and technology is a guarantee for successfully reaching operational excellence in every contact center.