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RPA Sectoral Distribution

Going beyond automating daily repetitive tasks, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables corporations to reach greater potential by reducing costs and increasing ef-ficiency.

Whether optimizing end-to-end automation initiatives or making employees more productive, RPA combines gaps in your business with a powerful and complemen-tary technology.

If you want to add RPA to the process automation ecosystem and your employees to spend more time on more important tasks, discover the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) sectoral applications and see what RPA can change in your industry!

  • Handles tiring tasks such as complex calcula-tions smoothly.
  • Automating some of the time consuming tasks -filling out spreadsheets, completing calculati-ons, checking if all items are organized etc.- provides a direct increase in productivity, ef-ficiency and profitability.
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Since the information is correctly drawn into the system, human errors are reduced and po-tential financial loss is prevented.

The inefficiencies of complex invoice approval workflows are eliminated with an automated pre-configured process.

Helps automate some of the credit decisions and manual processes. Automating credit pro-cesses allows employees to focus on more productive tasks.

Quickly and accurately validates a customer's data by matching previous records and redu-ces return time

  • Speeds up the claim process by accurately pulling data into insurance systems. It also helps to verify information from different so-urces to detect accurate data and prevent fraud.
  • Collects relevant data accurately from third party and public databases and reduces data collection time.
  • Can use predictive analytics to better manage their clients' risks.
  • Workflow automation improves legal process-es, unlike employees who have to do things manually.
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Allows you to reach faster production cycles with automation.

Automates sales analysis by providing real-time reports based on data on customer pref-erences and user behavior on specific aspects of a product.

Helps you analyze your store to match cus-tomer expectations, improve user experience and increase your profits.

Provides a smooth increase in inventory man-agement efficiency.

Errors due to confusion in the manual record-ing system are reduced.

Saves time by standardizing and categorizing the most frequently used documents.

Helps differentiate different cases such as emergency department, outpatient treatment and hospitalization.

  • Automating all processes as reporting, general accounting reconciliation, etc. reduces costs and ensures efficient use of resources.
  • Automation enables citizens to get more accu-rate information faster than ever before.
  • Analyzes problems and allows to increase citi-zen participation.
  • Automated solutions save employees from tedious but necessary work. In this way, em-ployees focus on more valuable work for citi-zens.
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