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Robotic Process Automation in Human Resources

Robotic Process Automation is a technological solution that allows you to automate repetitive and standard tasks that cause your employees to waste time. It is not a physical machine, but it helps you as your digital assistant to support specific business processes.

Businesses that make use of RPA in human resources processes automate HR processes that are repetitive, rule-based, error-prone, seasonal and time-critical. Automating some of the time-consuming tasks provides a direct increase in productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Discover the RPA in Human Resources Industry

One of the operational areas that benefit most from RPA is human resources.

Most common processes:

  • ✓ Automates hiring and firing, expense and reimbursement process, leave, data entry, and many other repetitive processes
  • ✓ Scans the resumes of suitable candidates without manual effort
  • ✓ Processes candidate notifications for feedback, interview, and rejection
  • ✓ Bridges different systems in mergers and acquisitions without the need for restructuring
  • ✓ Updates the data of the employees without the need for any human intervention
  • ✓ Payroll calculations and deductions occur automatically
  • ✓ Customizes learning and training processes depending on individual characteristics

Why Should You Prefer Robotic Process Automation?

  • ➢ Provides higher speed and efficiency
  • ➢ Reduces costs
  • ➢ Eliminates the risk of error
  • ➢ Provides 24/7 uninterrupted operation
  • ➢ Improves the customer experience
  • ➢ Works fully integrated with different applications
  • ➢ Improves employee engagement
  • ➢ It transforms your business processes from labor-intensive to technology-based processes

Onicorn RPA

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