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Robotic Process Automation in Insurance Sector

Robotic Process Automation is a new technology that can benefit all industries, allowing you to automate repetitive and high-volume business processes of employees.

Because it automates repetitive tasks, it eliminates manual errors and significantly reduces your business' costs.

Businesses benefiting from RPA in the insurance industry; data entry, transfer of data from spreadsheets to basic systems, extracting data from invoices to a basic system, collecting information from the internet and websites, etc.; automates operational, high-volume and repetitive back office processes. Automating some of the time-consuming tasks provides a direct increase in productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Discover the RPA for Insurance Industry

Do you know why RPA robots are so reliable in the insurance industry?
Robotic Process Automation increases productivity by automating the tasks of employees who divide 80% of their workload into repetitive tasks in insurance processes.

Most common processes;

  • Provides recording and processing of insurance claims
  • Automates form registration processes
  • Accelerates the claim process by accurately pulling data into insurance systems
  • Collects data from different sources to accurately assess the risk associated with an insurance policy
  • Verifies the insurance period, creates follow-up alerts
  • Uses predictive analytics to better manage their clients' risks
  • Workflow automation improves legal processes, unlike employees who have to do things manually

Why Should You Prefer Robotic Process Automation?

  • Provides higher speed and efficiency
  • Reduces costs
  • It eliminates the risk of error
  • Provides 24/7 uninterrupted operation
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Works fully integrated with different applications
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Transforms your business processes from labor-intensive to technology-based processes

Onicorn RPA

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