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With this programme, Vodafone aims to support the development of new work areas by partnering with innovative companies and provide mutual benefit with the “win-win” revenue sharing model.

What Is The Added Value Of Onıcorn ?

As Onicorn, we provide added value as an organization authorized by Vodafone, who observes your business plans and ensures your pre-interviews, in order to integrate the applicants to the Vodafone Vitrin programme in the fastest way possible.

The new way of bringing your dreams together with the lucrative world of Vodafone: Vitrin!

Which Companies Can Join Vitrin?

Sales-marketing companies and companies who cannot scale their products or services due to operational reasons can join Vitrin.

Do You Also Support Product Or Services Still At The Idea Stage?

Vodafone has designed Vitrin for companies ready to offer their products or services to customers/consumers.

For How Long Can My Company Be Included In Vitrin?

Companies accepted to “Vodafone Vitrin” start the programme in Silver segment. Within the scope of the programme, a performance evaluation is carried out within a 6-month period. According to the results of the performance evaluation, companies have the chance to be upgraded to Gold or Platinum segment or remain in their current segment.

Which Products Or Services Should I Have To Apply For Vitrin Programme?

It’s enough to have a physical product and/or digital service sold via mobile apps which will prepare for a technological future and make lives easier.

We start our collaboration with potential companies after they are accepted to programme. Companies with desired performance start the programme in Silver segment. We evaluate their performances within a 6-month period. According to performance evaluation results, companies have the chance to upgrade their support segments.

Do You Provide Support To Your Vitrin Members Fully Gratius?

We aim to work with our Vitrin members with a “win-win” approach and in exchange for our support, we offer our revenue sharing model as a partnership plan with no further demand.

When Does The Application Process Start?

We don’t have a periodic application agenda for this programme. You can apply whenever you want.

What Is Your Evaluation Crıterıa When Selecting Applicants To The Programme?

In our programme, we include products or services with the potential to be scaled, digital-oriented and be demanded by customer.

Could I Apply For Vitrin With More Than One Product Or Service?

Sure, you can apply with more than one product or service.

Can Companies Accepted To Vitrin Receıve Cash Support?

No. All financial support is managed by Vodafone and the use is subject to budget planning.

Do You Clam A Partnership Share From Companies In Return For Accepting Them To The Programme?

No. We offer a partnership plan based on the revenue sharing model to the companies accepted to the programme.

If You Wish To See Your Company In Vitrin And Receive One Of The 6-Month Suppots Of Vodafone Vitrin, Apply Now.